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Published Works

Rusty Campervan

Pimps and Johns, Morals and "Messages," Faith Hope, and Divine Partnership

Vita Poetica, Spring 2022


Authors read the general revelation and from it fashion something true.

FathomJune 2021

IMG_3607 3.HEIC

On Reading To Kill a Mockingbird with My Daughter in 2020

Front Porch Republic, March 2021

Sunset Portrait

Helplessness & Human Dignity at the Edges of Life

Plough, January 2021

Christmas Pine Tree

Where do I go with my ambition or disappointment if I can’t say with John the Baptist, “He must become greater; I must become less”? 

GCD, December 2020

Reading a Prayer Book

The psalmists’ cries for deliverance lend their voice when we’ve lost ours

The Gospel Coalition, June 2020


At the end of World War II, Anne was shot in a field and left for dead.

A habit of joy sustained her.

Front Porch Republic, May 2020

Purple and Pink Hanging Flowers

For a refugee who's fled a thousand miles, planting flowers is an act of
hope—that you’ll be in one place long enough to see them bloom.

Touchstone, March 2020

Biblical Studies

Reading Scripture with Imagination

Fathom, March 2020

Ceramic Cup

A defiant act of mercy during a typhus epidemic.

Christian History Institute, July 2020

Homework Help

God has his people everywhere.

Fathom, September 2019


A Review of Charles Marsh's The Beloved Community; How Faith Shapes Social Justice, from the Civil Rights Movement to Today

Touchstone, October 2005

White Chair in an Empty Room

A Review of Talitha Stevenson's Novel An Empty Room

Touchstone, May 2005

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